WWE Championship Title Is Limbo For Banks

The (WWE) World Wrestling Entertainment, made it clear what it thinks about the Sasha Banks when it pulled the Raw Women’s Championship (RWC) from the hands of Banks once again.

In the division of Women, the Boss remains one of the main talents. She is the prominent part of WWE Raw. But this is not they believe in the company, the company doesn’t believe Banks to be the true top-tier star.

Banks is a wrestler of A-level, who was viewed as a B-level one. And more evidence of this was seen by the fans on the Raw on Monday, when Alexa Bliss outlasted Banks in the main event.

While heading for the matches, Bliss commented The Boss and said he is not holding her position or title successfully. She said, “At the present time Banks wasn’t a good enough player and champion to remain onto the belt.

And the words of Bliss proved as prophetic when Bliss drove Banks head into the canvas for the win with a DDT.

After this, the spotlight turned from Banks to Bliss and the issues of Biss with her so called friend Nia Jax. Continue reading WWE Championship Title Is Limbo For Banks


The WWE is bringing its Live SumerslamHeatwave Tour to Halifax on August 4, according to reports.

Stars like rave of the moment Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, who is Intercontinental champion, Sheamus, Sasha Banks, The Miz, Bayley, Finn Balor, RAW Women champ alexa Bliss and many others are expected to be at the event.

The tickets start from $15 while VIP packages are from $299 with a meet and greet package costing $499. Tickets would be on sale from Friday June 2.

A British wrestling legend William Regal has revealed how interested individuals could get signed by WWE. The 49-year old works as a chief scouts and on developmental projects in the industry.

Regal said it was very competitive to break into the industry with the lot out there. He added that there were no guarantees. He advised amateurs to do their best in tryouts and do their best to fit the WWE profile.

He said wrestlers were constantly doing interviews, representing the company. Continue reading WWE LIVE AT HALIFAX IN AUGUST

Flair Accepts Bella’s Challenge

The 4th time Women’s Champion of WWE RAW, Charlotte Flair has accepted the challenge of Nikki Bella.

These two superstars are all set to resolve their differences. The record run of Nikki Bella with Divas Championship came to a halt when she competed with Charlotte in 2015. Charlotte made Bella submit and soon after that 301 day title reign came to an end. Thereafter, the two superstars did not meet again in the ring as Bella was on a sabbatical for a surgery on her neck. Subsequently, the brand split made these two stars separate from each other.

Bella did call out Charlotte in an interview which was held by Peter Rosenberg during WrestleMania. Charlotte jumped ship to blue brand which made Nikki challenge the PPV’s Queen. It is a known fact that Charlotte is not someone who would back out of a challenge especially when it’s out of vengeance. The Queen is more than happy to accept the challenge and has also termed the meeting as a competition between The Fearless and The Queen. Continue reading Flair Accepts Bella’s Challenge


Sunday night Hell in a Cell was nothing short of entertaining.

As you would expect, the fight between Seth Rollings and Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho was a spectacle that produced electrifying moments. The match kicked off with both superstars going at each other with Seth’s Rollings coming off badly after he was power bombed by opponent Keven Owens.  As the bout went on Seth Rollings impressed by unleashing one of Chris Jericho’s power gripes eventually pinning Owens and Jericho at the same time in the triple threat match.

Moments later, Seth was hauled into the steel step by Jeri-KO before been power bombed into the side of the rings by Owens, the same man he would be going against for the Universal title on Sunday night.

In their upcoming fight, Rollins and Owens will go head to head inside WWE’s  unforgiving Hell in a Cell structure, a setting RAW’s general manager Mick Foley is quite familiar with.

General Manager Foley took a death-defying tumble when he slugged it out with the Undertaker in 1998, before eventually plunging through the roof later in the match.

As a result, the general manager impressed upon RAW’s women’s champion Sasha Banks and Charlotte by telling them how career-changing the cell can be as he cheered both fighters to signing their hell in a cell contract. Continue reading OWENS GIVES SETH A FORETASTE OF SUNDAY NIGHT

The Horsewomen Roles In WWE

For those who watch the WWE women’s matches they are familiar with Charlotte, who is the women’s champion. She now has got her old man to get out of the way.

Dana Brooke is also there to guard her back and hence, Charlotte has to face a tall order now. This is one among the faction of Four Horsewomen. It is known that UFC Bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey has had her own line of horsewomen. However, that is now in the past and it was not an official thing. The focus is now backing on to Charlotte. There are three roles that need to be filled out. If you look at Dana Brooke, she has been compared to Enforcer in the episode that took place on May 23. This possibility is intriguing, though Dana is yet to confirm whether she will take up the role. Many fans are hoping to see it happen. Continue reading The Horsewomen Roles In WWE

Relation Between WWE And Ryback

Ryback is a wrestler of repute and fights like that between Ryback and Kalisto are what fans flock to see, either at the venue or on television.

The last fight had been held at AccorHotels Arena, which is in Paris. It was part of the tour of WrestleMania Revenge. This was also part of the WWE’s European tour. It took place on April 22nd, 2016.

Ryback had been scheduled to appear in Raw and he met Vince McMahon for which he left tapings of WWE. He was scheduled to appear in Battle Royal but his absence was noticed by many. Ryback contract and differences about it was cited to be the reasons for his absence. Ryback might be on his way out soon, but his options might be limited. There have been episodes which have highlighted how highly paid this superstar of WWE is. It is known that he enjoys $500,000 every year, which comes apart from bonuses. Ryback did lose out when he was down with a knee injury. However, Ryback can easily make it to the list of wrestlers in the world who are highly paid with names like Dean Ambrose and John Cena. Continue reading Relation Between WWE And Ryback