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Rey Mysterio talks about decision to quit WWE

Months after he called it quits and ending his long association with the World Wrestling Association or the WWE – the premier professional wrestling promotion in the world, former WWE World Heavyweight champion Rey Mysterio appeared for an interview, where he talked about his career and what the future holds for him in the profession. […]

Daniel Bryan’s Career in WWE

The only unenviable task that the 2K does is getting the ratings of the WWE superstars accurately every year in their showpiece games. WWE is a machine and it never stops because of innumerable reasons and is constantly moving. Most often the WWE universe achieves what it desires but eventually. One of the best examples […]

Jake Shields

Jake Shields, an American mixed martial artist, is currently wrestles in the welterweight category of the World Series of Fighting. He started amateur wrestling at the age of nine and competed in over 600 folk, freestyle and submission matches. He also became a two time All American Wrestler from Cuesta College which placed him on […]

Del Rio accuses Triple H of racism

Alberto Del Rio who left WWE earlier in the year after being suspended for hitting social media manager Cody Barbierri in the company in the face, after Barbierri is said to have made a racist joke at Del Rio accused WWE’s Executive Vice President Triple H for encouraging racism. Del Rio in an interview with […]