Big Show turning out to be a perfect heel

The 7ft. tall, 500 lb. giant The Big Show had successfully defended his World Heavyweight Championship by beating Sheamus. With the brutality of action and his killer instinct, it is evident that Show has become a major threat to his rivals.

After John Laurinaitis fired him from Raw for making a mockery out of his voice, Show came back at Over the Limit where everybody thought that he would help John Cena to win his match against Laurinaitis, but Show gave a blow to Cena and gifted the match to Laurinaitis. From then on Big Show has been playing the role of a heel in the WWE Universe. Later, the Giant confessed that the action was necessary on his part to retain his job at the WWE.

After establishing himself as a perfect heel Show went on to challenge Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship. He eventually became the number one contender for the title by beating Randy Orton. He got his fight against Sheamus at the Hell in a Cell and he defeated Sheamus to become the World Heavyweight Champion.

Sheamus got a title rematch at the Survivor Series where Big Show was beaten via disqualification but the title was not transferred. Before this night Show attacked William Regal, the former wrestler and a very good friend of Sheamus, which made Sheamus terribly angry. After Show was disqualified, Sheamus went on beating him with a steel chair and Show literally had to pray for mercy.

At the TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs, Big Show had the opportunity to take the revenge on Sheamus and he beat his opponent and defended his title. In the following episode of Raw Sheamus beat Show in a non-title match but Show defended his title against Alberto del Rio in SmackDown. Now it is highly interesting to see who Show’s next opponent in the Royale Rumble becomes and how he manages to fight him!