Chael Sonnen looking to mend his bad reputation

Chael Sonnen is a MMA fighter who hails from USA. He began wrestling at an young age from his school days. Ben Hailey and Jason Miller were defeated by him at a very early age of nineteen. This gave him immense confidence and he continued to dominate the ring since then. He participated in many national and international events over the next few years. He was a contender for the UFC middleweight championship but lost in the final bout at the hands of Brazilian veteran Silva. He was suspended form UFC for a minor stint when he tested positive for using testosterone. On his return he did make a lot of buzz and finally got the rematch with Silva. But he failed yet again and returned to light heavyweight. Recently he has again tested positive in a random drug test owing to a suspension of another two years. It is going to be a difficult phase for Chael Sonnen but he remained positive about his possible return to fighting.

Chael Sonnen fought his last match against Rashad Evans but ended up losing to him. It was a closely fought match but there was not much Sonnen could do about the sheer strength and agility of his opponent. He was defeated fair and square and had little to complain about. Sonnen has been associated with politics and holds a degree in Sociology. But his personal life has also been affected by a number of fraud cases. He is trying to put all this behind him and start afresh. The close friends and family of the athlete have always been supportive about him and have defended his conduct. He needs to step up himself and be a much more responsible person from now on if he is to retain any form of respect.