Cody Rhodes

When it comes to the WWE, one name always gets your attention, and that is of Cody Rhodes. He is from the US, and he is a professional wrestler who started wrestling professionally from the year 2006. Back then he used to wrestle for Ohio Valley Wrestling, where he had won many titles and championships. And he had done so both in the tag team division and also the singles category.

Cody Rhodes was in the news recently, when he entered the ring to take on wrestling great Chris Jericho. It was a match to remember. Rhodes was not so lucky this time, as he had to tap out and accept defeat at the onslaught of Jericho, in the form of his famous move, the Walls of Jericho. The match was indeed a great one, and even though it had started out on a slow note, the momentum picked up pretty quickly, and everyone enjoyed watching it.

The match was quite evenly spaced throughout after the slow start, and there was constant back and forth action throughout the match. There were many such moments where it seemed that Cody Rhodes would emerge the victor, but then Rhodes was not that lucky. Chris Jericho is set to face off against Ryback, at the next Money in the Bank, and Jericho’s win came as rather an obvious one. But even though he was taken down by Jericho, it is a huge step forward for Rhodes, as he has now finally started to take on the big guns in the WWE. Every wrestler needs a nice start, and although his was quite late in coming, he has finally gotten there, and there might even be a chance that he makes it to the Money in the Bank, but then he has to put in a lot of effort.