Daniel Bryan’s Career in WWE

The only unenviable task that the 2K does is getting the ratings of the WWE superstars accurately every year in their showpiece games.

WWE is a machine and it never stops because of innumerable reasons and is constantly moving. Most often the WWE universe achieves what it desires but eventually. One of the best examples of the fact that where the powers are, that be is Daniel Bryan who was getting the reaction from the crowd from all over the world that was gaining on the popularity he had. The fans were teased in a tactic for over seven months and it is called the slow burn.

Bryan saw discontent in all the arenas all over the world but he had to fight all that adversity but in the end, WWE made it look all pitch perfect and that gave Bryan the sendoff he deserved from WrestleMania XXX. They even put on him the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

If ratings are considered, in the real life WWE ring, Bryan has been perfectly presented. In 2012 he got only 85 which was the same as Kofi Kingston and Jack Swagger but was one rank less than Sin Cara.

In 2013, the momentum he had for the main even gathered more pace and he got the 91st rank with only a very few superstars who got rankings more than he got. In 2014 the rise he saw continued and he got the 92nd position. This year, Bryan was confirmed to be the second best superstar in the game and one of the top starts of the world with the 94th rank. He is also the main event player.

The career Bryan has had over the past years has made it really easy for the 2K to put him in the right ranks.