Del Rio accuses Triple H of racism

Alberto Del Rio who left WWE earlier in the year after being suspended for hitting social media manager Cody Barbierri in the company in the face, after Barbierri is said to have made a racist joke at Del Rio accused WWE’s Executive Vice President Triple H for encouraging racism.

Del Rio in an interview with a magazine decided to dish out the dirt against WWE, saying that racism in the company goes all the way to the top of the ladder. The Hispanics and African Americans in the company are regularly being made fun of.

And in a report that came out in the media it emerged that one of those people guilty of making racist comments could well be Triple H. According to Del Rio, the member of WWE management who notified him of his release would often make racial jokes around employees. Del Rio also voiced his displeasure with this during their conversation, feeling that he should be setting a better example.

Alberto Del Rio also added that he always hear these racial comment from the member of WWE management as he is one of the most important people in this company so other employees hearing him making these comments also think they can do it.

Earlier AAA wrestler Myztetiz, formerly known as Sin Cara said that he was also subject to a lot of racism behind the scenes in WWE. He told that the ‘gringos’ in WWE could be very racist along with the bosses who also makes racial remarks. Myzteziz did not cite racism to be the reason for him being not successful in WWE, but feels that it created a bad environment for minorities. Ricardo Rodriguez the former WWE wrestler and Del Rio’s ring announcer also claimed that WWE officials made offensive comments about him and a lot other Mexican wrestlers

Alberto Del Rio has started to work for both AAA and Wrestle1 after being released by WWE.