Sunday night Hell in a Cell was nothing short of entertaining.

As you would expect, the fight between Seth Rollings and Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho was a spectacle that produced electrifying moments. The match kicked off with both superstars going at each other with Seth’s Rollings coming off badly after he was power bombed by opponent Keven Owens.  As the bout went on Seth Rollings impressed by unleashing one of Chris Jericho’s power gripes eventually pinning Owens and Jericho at the same time in the triple threat match.

Moments later, Seth was hauled into the steel step by Jeri-KO before been power bombed into the side of the rings by Owens, the same man he would be going against for the Universal title on Sunday night.

In their upcoming fight, Rollins and Owens will go head to head inside WWE’s  unforgiving Hell in a Cell structure, a setting RAW’s general manager Mick Foley is quite familiar with.

General Manager Foley took a death-defying tumble when he slugged it out with the Undertaker in 1998, before eventually plunging through the roof later in the match.

As a result, the general manager impressed upon RAW’s women’s champion Sasha Banks and Charlotte by telling them how career-changing the cell can be as he cheered both fighters to signing their hell in a cell contract.

The match between Owens and Seth were not the only event of the evening with Cesaro and Sheamus warming up for their tag team with the Champions The New day by defeating the fans favorites in a no title match.

Elsewhere, Bo Dallas and Golden Truth beat Curtis Axel and The Shining Stars respectively; while Enzo Amore pinned Karl Anderson Bayley.

In another match, Braun Strowman refused to wrestle Sami Zayn. However, he did thud the Canadian into the ring barricade. All in all, Monday night raw saw some scintillating performances the WWE fans ever witnessed.