Punk celebrates WWE Championship

One year ago, when CM Punk won the WWE Championship title by beating John Cena, nobody thought that he would cling to the title for as long as one year. But with his win in 2012 Survivor Series, Punk actually completed one year being the champion. Really this is an achievement!

CM Punk’s WWE career went through a lot of ups and downs and more importantly he played the role of both a hero and a villain in the industry. When Punk was first introduced to the WWE Universe he took no time to be the “face” of the crowd. But later he became a heel as the WWE Industry chose him to be the proper one to play the role.

Punk was chosen the number one contender for the WWE Championship Title. He then actually went on to beat Cena and became the new champion. This was the phase when Punk was, again, playing the role of a good character. A few days back, Punk came to the ring with Paul Heyman on his side and it took no longer to apprehend that Punk was back to his heel character. He defended his title against John Cena twice with some undue advantages. Later, the beast, Ryback, challenged him and Punk was able to win the match at Hell in a Cell with the referee Brad Maddox giving a solid low blow to Ryback, despite being manhandled by him. Vince McMahon, the Chairman of WWE, put Punk in a triple threat match in Survivor Series and there again he came up victorious as three WWE NXT superstars beat Ryback up.

Punk came into the ring in Monday Night Raw’s first episode since the Survivor Series to celebrate the anniversary of his being the champion for one year. this self proclaimed “best in the world” superstar now has every reason to cheer but there’s still doubt whether he will be respected by everybody or not!