Relation Between WWE And Ryback

Ryback is a wrestler of repute and fights like that between Ryback and Kalisto are what fans flock to see, either at the venue or on television.

The last fight had been held at AccorHotels Arena, which is in Paris. It was part of the tour of WrestleMania Revenge. This was also part of the WWE’s European tour. It took place on April 22nd, 2016.

Ryback had been scheduled to appear in Raw and he met Vince McMahon for which he left tapings of WWE. He was scheduled to appear in Battle Royal but his absence was noticed by many. Ryback contract and differences about it was cited to be the reasons for his absence. Ryback might be on his way out soon, but his options might be limited. There have been episodes which have highlighted how highly paid this superstar of WWE is. It is known that he enjoys $500,000 every year, which comes apart from bonuses. Ryback did lose out when he was down with a knee injury. However, Ryback can easily make it to the list of wrestlers in the world who are highly paid with names like Dean Ambrose and John Cena.

Ryback however, has been frustrated with the recent happenings. He states that WrestleMania recent episodes have not been good for him. He feels that a show where Kalisto and he belong would be great. He feels that US title holders need to have a definite place. Ryback does have a stereotypical image as of WWE superstars, but he does work hard. He has been a pro wrestling fan and puts in a lot of effort to stay in the middling position. Hence, it is important that WWE recognizes his efforts and helps him find the slot that will help him shine.