Rey Mysterio talks about decision to quit WWE

Months after he called it quits and ending his long association with the World Wrestling Association or the WWE – the premier professional wrestling promotion in the world, former WWE World Heavyweight champion Rey Mysterio appeared for an interview, where he talked about his career and what the future holds for him in the profession.

Mysterio was asked straight away about how his health was faring and about his decision to leave the promotion, to which he said that recent years hadn’t been as difficult as it had been at the beginning. But it is also a fact that he didn’t wrestle as much in the last few years than he did before.

According to him, during those years, they had WWE RAW and WWE Smack Down vying for supremacy as the bigger brand and the numbers were huge as well. He mentioned that they were working five days a week and it was taxing.

He said that the major reason that was behind him leaving the company was the pairing with Sin Cara. He said that after his last surgery in 2011, he came back towards the end of 2012 but he felt like he had rushed himself and went back to the shelf again. And when he came back, he found himself paired in a tag team with Sin Cara just to fight as a tag team and he realised that there was no direction for his gimmick anymore.

Rey Mysterio went on to add that his contract with the company was coming to an end around that time and he decided that it was in his best interest no to re-sign with the company anymore. He wants to spend time with his family now and see what his future holds after having some much needed rest as well.