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Sunday night Hell in a Cell was nothing short of entertaining. As you would expect, the fight between Seth Rollings and Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho was a spectacle that produced electrifying moments. The match kicked off with both superstars going at each other with Seth’s Rollings coming off badly after he was power bombed […]

Relation Between WWE And Ryback

Ryback is a wrestler of repute and fights like that between Ryback and Kalisto are what fans flock to see, either at the venue or on television. The last fight had been held at AccorHotels Arena, which is in Paris. It was part of the tour of WrestleMania Revenge. This was also part of the […]

Rey Mysterio talks about decision to quit WWE

Months after he called it quits and ending his long association with the World Wrestling Association or the WWE – the premier professional wrestling promotion in the world, former WWE World Heavyweight champion Rey Mysterio appeared for an interview, where he talked about his career and what the future holds for him in the profession. […]


Among one of the oldest sports, dating back to when people used to live in caves, wrestling has been with humans through the ages evolving into a more modern and refined sport from the times it was played by the cavemen, who drew pictures of matches on the walls of the caves they used to […]


The particular stuff that separates a great wrestler form a good wrestler is the Wrestling Moves. A good wrestler can be witnessed winning a title with proper tactics of the sport of wrestling but, a great wrestler will defeat its opponent with its power. The most important feature of a great wrestler is his or […]