Types of Wrestling

Wrestling is the oldest sport that has started in the Roman Olympics. Wrestling matches were held those days also. The wrestling game of those days was different than what is played today. The wrestling matches of today can be categorized into three types, Folk style wrestling, Greco Roman wrestling and freestyle wrestling. The wrestling game for the beginners is the Folk style wrestling. Due to the nature of this type of wrestling, it is also known as collegiate wrestling or high school wrestling. This type of wrestling game is popular in US but is also limited to US only. Folk Style wrestling is not popular at the international level.

Difference between the Greco Roman wrestling and Freestyle wrestling

The Greco Roman wrestling and the freestyle wrestling are the international wrestling games. The major difference between the two is the type of attack. In Greco Roman wrestling, the wrestler is allowed to attack only on the upper body of his opponent. Attack on the legs is not permitted in this game. The rule is totally different in the Freestyle wrestling. In Freestyle wrestling, the wrestler is allowed to attack on legs also. Most wrestlers take advantage of this rule and attack on the lower body of their opponent.

The Scoring procedure in the wrestling matches

The scoring procedure in the wrestling matches may not be easy to understand for everyone. There are different ways of scoring in a wrestling match, for example, a wrestler can score one point by taking his opponent down. If a wrestler throws on his opponent then he can score 2 to 5 points depending upon the power of the throw. Freestyle wrestling allows the wrestler to lock hands when he is on top of the opponent. If the wrestler is playing the Folk style wrestling, then the scoring procedure is different. A Folk style wrestler earns 2 points by taking his opponent down but no extra points are awarded for nice throws. A Folk style wrestler is not allowed to lock hands when the opponent is down.