The particular stuff that separates a great wrestler form a good wrestler is the Wrestling Moves. A good wrestler can be witnessed winning a title with proper tactics of the sport of wrestling but, a great wrestler will defeat its opponent with its power. The most important feature of a great wrestler is his or her finishing move or finishing moves.

The finishing move separates the great wrestler from a good wrestler. The common Wrestling Moves are known to almost all the wrestlers. But when an individual innovates a particular move with special tactics and style then only it develops into a special wrestling move. A professional wrestling move is generally developed by particular wrestler who has worked on that move very well. The move has to be the finishing move of that player.

Generally the special moves of wrestling are very painful and when an individual attacks with that move his or her opponent totally become helpless. A special move becomes the trademark of the particular wrestler who apples it in the wrestling ring.

All the great wrestlers in the history have their personal Wrestling Moves. These moves are bit different from the text book moves of wrestling. The moves give an idea of the strength of the particular wrestler who applies it in the ring. More it also shows the stamina of that particular wrestler. Without full confidence, a wrestler cannot deliver any professional move. A great player uses the particular move as the finishing move and generally the opponent looses the control after the move.

In many cases it is seen that the finishing moves of great wrestlers have causes fatal injuries to the opponent. The strength of a particular wrestler is emphasized on their finishing move. A great may have various special moves. Developing the professional move is the real skill for a wrestler.