WWE Championship Title Is Limbo For Banks

The (WWE) World Wrestling Entertainment, made it clear what it thinks about the Sasha Banks when it pulled the Raw Women’s Championship (RWC) from the hands of Banks once again.

In the division of Women, the Boss remains one of the main talents. She is the prominent part of WWE Raw. But this is not they believe in the company, the company doesn’t believe Banks to be the true top-tier star.

Banks is a wrestler of A-level, who was viewed as a B-level one. And more evidence of this was seen by the fans on the Raw on Monday, when Alexa Bliss outlasted Banks in the main event.

While heading for the matches, Bliss commented The Boss and said he is not holding her position or title successfully. She said, “At the present time Banks wasn’t a good enough player and champion to remain onto the belt.

And the words of Bliss proved as prophetic when Bliss drove Banks head into the canvas for the win with a DDT.

After this, the spotlight turned from Banks to Bliss and the issues of Biss with her so called friend Nia Jax.

Banks is a women’s champ for four times and hasn’t held the crown tightly for a full month. With this loss, this is the fourth time she has lost her first title defense now.

According to the WWE.com, The Boss’ supremacy has lasted 27, 28, 20 and nine days respectively.

ProWrestling.net, Jake Barnett joked about the championship of the Bank.

Meanwhile, Charlotte Flair was allowed to prosper as the women’s division queen when she was on the red brand. SmackDown Women’s Championship was held by Naomi from April to August. And the WWE at NXT treated Asuka as the second coming of Goldberg.