The WWE is bringing its Live SumerslamHeatwave Tour to Halifax on August 4, according to reports.

Stars like rave of the moment Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, who is Intercontinental champion, Sheamus, Sasha Banks, The Miz, Bayley, Finn Balor, RAW Women champ alexa Bliss and many others are expected to be at the event.

The tickets start from $15 while VIP packages are from $299 with a meet and greet package costing $499. Tickets would be on sale from Friday June 2.

A British wrestling legend William Regal has revealed how interested individuals could get signed by WWE. The 49-year old works as a chief scouts and on developmental projects in the industry.

Regal said it was very competitive to break into the industry with the lot out there. He added that there were no guarantees. He advised amateurs to do their best in tryouts and do their best to fit the WWE profile.

He said wrestlers were constantly doing interviews, representing the company.

“I always say that if I can’t trust that you can be sent by the talent relations department to go and talk to a group of school children by 8 am in the morning, you don’t need to be here, we just don’t need you here in this company at the moment,” he explained.

He spoke of an interest in Luke Menzies – a pro rugby league player. He says he is a good fighter with very good foundation. He adds that Menzies is eloquent and good with promos so they signed him.

Regal said wrestlers have to look the part and work hard at maintaining it.